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    Audio Editors

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    Virtual Instrument

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    Prosoniq Orange Vocoder

    Plug-in Zone

    Martin Walker's looking through tinted glasses at this latest offering from Prosoniq...

    Reviews Dec 2000
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    Prosoniq Time Factory

    Time-shifting Software

    Though high-quality, real-time pitch-shifting is now becoming a reality, this technology comes with a high price tag. Many musicians will therefore continue to rely on offline processes to carry out pitch and timing manipulations. Derek Johnson and Debbie Poyser do just that, with Prosoniq's Time Factory...

    Reviews Jul 2000
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    Prosoniq Sonicworx Artist

    Audio Editing Software

    Prosoniq, the German software company behind many of the DSP processing alogrithms used in MIDI + Audio sequencers, have now made the powerful fruits of their expertise available in stand-alone form. But can the software actually be put to good use? Paul D. Lehrman investigates.

    Reviews Mar 1998
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