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    Are PC Musicians Ready For Windows x64?

    The 64-bit Question

    With advantages such as more efficient processing and the ability to address up to a Terabyte of RAM, Windows XP Professional x64 has a lot to offer PC-based musicians — in theory. We put the fully 64-bit system idea to the test.

    Techniques May 2006
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    Windows Vista

    PC Notes

    If you're thinking about a new PC, do you need to make sure it's ready for the forthcoming Windows XP replacement: Vista? We examine the relevant issues for the musician.

    Techniques Apr 2006
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    Harbal Auto EQ & Windows Driver Model

    PC Notes

    Can Harbal's new automatic track EQ solve your equalisation problems with one click? We find out, as well as exploring the mysteries of the Windows Driver Model...

    Techniques Mar 2006
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