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    Rain Recording Nimbus PC

    Quad Core Music Computer

    This Rain Recording model is the fastest PC ever reviewed in SOS, and also one of the quietest. Let's take a closer look...

    Reviews Jul 2007
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    Mac: Installing A MIDI Interface

    Apple Notes

    Installing a MIDI interface to work with your Mac should be an easy task, but what happens if it doesn't want to play ball? Apple Notes is here to help.

    Techniques Jul 2007
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    Speedier Processors

    PC Notes

    An AMD-Intel price-cutting war spells savings for the consumer on speedy processors. We consider what you should do now if you're in the market for a new CPU, as well as bringing the latest news from the PC music world.

    Techniques Jul 2007
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    Vista For Musicians: Part 2: What The Developers Think

    PC Musician

    If the transition to Windows Vista is a matter of concern for PC-based musicians, imagine how serious it must be to music hardware and software developers. Our Round Table gives some of them the chance to air their views about the new OS and the problems and opportunities it presents.

    Sound Advice Jul 2007
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    Q. What is Microsoft Sound Mapper?

    I use Sound Forge to record on to my laptop, and until very recently it's been working fine — until an...

    Sound Advice Jul 2007
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    Q. Should I use my spare PC as a remote workstation?

    My friend has just built a control room at the rear of his house, and he would like to set up a networked remote...

    Sound Advice Jul 2007
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