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    Apple Macbook Pro

    17-inch Laptop Computer

    Apple's 17-inch Macbook Pro has both attracted and put off potential purchasers because of its size. But, with a new higher-resolution display and the latest mobile technology, is it now a must for those seeking the best in laptop performance?

    Reviews Sep 2007
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    PC Freeware Sequencers & Editors

    PC Musician

    Not only are these applications easier to use than commercial packages that can be confusingly feature heavy, they're also extremely easy on the wallet...

    Sound Advice Sep 2007
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    Music-related Widgets

    Apple Notes

    Widgets are everywhere, from the new iPhone to Macs running OS X Tiger. But while the iPhone is picky about the Widgets it will run, your Mac is open to a world of musically-related Widget curiosities...

    Techniques Sep 2007
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    Multi-core Processing & Vista Performance

    PC Notes

    Will you notice a big improvement in software performance if you switch to a multi-core processor? And will performance suffer if you switch to Windows Vista? Find the answers to these and many other questions in this month's PC Notes...

    Techniques Sep 2007
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