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    For burning audio CDs on a PC, the more advanced pre-mastering applications like Steinberg's Wavelab not only provide a huge number of editing and track-indexing functions for adding the final polish to your tracks, but also graphic real-time track fades

    Getting Better Performance From Your CD Drives

    PC Musician

    Cheap, writable optical media have revolutionised the way PC users store audio and back up their data. However, setting up your CD-R/W drives and persuading them to work at their best can be more complicated than it seems...

    Techniques Jan 2003
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    MIDIJoys can convert a game joystick, mouse, trackball or trackpad into a dual-axis MIDI controller.

    Using A Games Joystick As A MIDI Controller

    PC Notes

    We transform the humble and inexpensive games joystick into a simple but effective MIDI controller, and find a word processor that will have minimum impact on the clean music partition of your PC.

    Techniques Jan 2003
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