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    NI & iZotope Giveaway

    Audio Editors

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    Krotos Concept 2

    Virtual Instrument

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    Pentium-M Laptop Tests

    PC Notes

    Encouraging results are achieved from testing a new laptop equipped with an Intel Pentium-M processor. Could it become the centre of the PC user's ideal mobile setup?

    Techniques Dec 2003
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    Installing A New PC Motherboard: The SOS Guide

    PC Musician

    The beauty of PCs is that they are highly upgradeable. Swapping out your old motherboard for a new one, for example, is a feasible prospect for increasing performance without buying a whole new machine. If you're considering the process, though, there's a lot to bear in mind...

    Techniques Dec 2003
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    Windows iTunes & OS X Updates

    Apple Notes

    There's plenty to investigate in this month's Apple Notes, from the Windows version of iTunes to the latest major update to OS X.

    Techniques Dec 2003
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    Windows XP Media Center

    Cutting Edge

    With the release in the UK of XP Media Center Edition, Microsoft aim to make Windows PCs a modern equivalent of the radiogram — the heart of a complete music and video home. entertainment system.

    Techniques Dec 2003
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