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    Emagic EXSP24 & EVP73 VST Instruments For Mac & PC

    EXS24 and EVP88, two of Emagic's dedicated plug-ins for Logic, are now available in scaled-down form for VST-compatible sequencers. But what has been lost in order to make the instruments work as VST plug-ins?

    Reviews Dec 2001
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    Emagic Logic Audio v5 & Logic Control MIDI Audio Sequencer & Hardware Control Surface

    An exclusive first look at Emagic's new Logic Control hardware control surface, and the eagerly awaited Version 5 of Logic - a powerful combination that takes the system to a new level of functionality

    Reviews Dec 2001
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    Emagic EVP88 Electric Piano Virtual Instrument Plug-In For Logic Audio

    More and more vintage hardware instruments are now being modelled as virtual instrument plug-ins. With EVP88, Emagic have turned their attention to electric pianos, producing a Logic-only plug-in which models several different piano types. Paul White discovers that the tines they are a-changin'...

    Reviews Jul 2001
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    Emagic Waveburner Pro

    Audio CD-writing Software For Mac

    Emagic's Waveburner CD-writing package has grown to incorporate new editing features and powerful plug-in support, but retains its intuitive user interface. Paul White tests the new, improved version.

    Reviews Jun 2001
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    Emagic Sound Diver 3

    Universal MIDI Editor/Librarian

    Paul White looks beneath the surface of Sound Diver 3 to discover an immensely powerful and flexible patch editor and librarian system.

    Reviews May 2001
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