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    Audio Editors

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    Virtual Instrument

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    Ahead Software Feurio!

    Audio CD-Burning Software

    Martin Walker evaluates a program that bridges the gap between the limitations of typical bundled CD-writing packages and fully fledged audio editors.

    Reviews May 2001
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    Creating Multiple-Booting PC Environments

    Tips & Tricks

    Wouldn't it be nice to have two PCs — one for office or games use and the other optimised for music? As Martin Walker explains, multiple booting may allow you to achieve the same effect without splashing out on a new computer...

    Techniques May 2001
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    Cross Platform

    Atari Notes

    If you're an Atari owner who would also like to work with other computers, you may not have to lose access to your favourite Atari applications. Derek Johnson offers some platform-crossing suggestions.

    Techniques May 2001
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    Frankfurt Launches For Apple Musicians

    Apple Notes

    Paul Wiffen has a sleep problem, sees the mLAN light, and rounds up the best of the Frankfurt launches for Apple musicians.

    Techniques May 2001
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    PSP MixTreble; Echo Mia

    PC Notes

    Martin Walker muses on whether there is really any such thing as a bad soundcard, and extends some helpful advice on how to make sure you get the right one for your needs.

    Techniques May 2001
  • link Musicians Collaborating Online

    Net Notes

    With music professionals at the helm and software from Emagic, is another way for musicians to collaborate online. Mark Wherry makes some connections.

    Techniques May 2001
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    Emagic Sound Diver 3

    Universal MIDI Editor/Librarian

    Paul White looks beneath the surface of Sound Diver 3 to discover an immensely powerful and flexible patch editor and librarian system.

    Reviews May 2001
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