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    Virtual Instrument

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    IK Multimedia Sampletank XL

    Virtual Sound Module VST Instrument [Mac & PC]

    All sorts of weird and wonderful instruments have been recreated in software, but IK Multimedia's Sampletank is the first serious attempt to make a high-quality workhorse sound module available in virtual form.

    Reviews Aug 2001
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    Mark Wherry investigates Beatnik, a powerful way of adding interactive music content to your web site.

    Techniques Aug 2001
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    QuickTime VR; ASIO USB

    Apple Notes

    USB latency is reduced by new Mac ASIO drivers, mLAN development activity steps up, and there's more news of MIDI and audio support in OS X. Meanwhile, Paul Wiffen is making a movie...

    Techniques Aug 2001
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    Stopping Hackers

    PC Notes

    Most of us assume that only big businesses and financial institutions will fall victim to hackers, but the reality is that someone could be attempting to invade your personal computer right now. Martin Walker tries to make the world safer for PC users.

    Techniques Aug 2001
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    Zeus; Midigen

    Atari Notes

    Derek Johnson rounds up the latest Atari news and software availability.

    Techniques Aug 2001
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