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    MacWorld Expo

    Apple Notes

    Paul Wiffen reveals highlights of the MacWorld Expo, and laments the passing of Apple's earliest UK evangelist while celebrating his permanent contribution to popular culture.

    Techniques Sep 2001
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    Atari Notes

    You can add sophisticated MIDI mapping facilities to your Atari-based studio for next to nothing with some useful German shareware, as Derek Johnson explains.

    Techniques Sep 2001
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    Nemesys Gigastudio; Shareware

    PC Notes

    Martin Walker takes a look at the latest update to the Nemesys Gigastudio, and reports on a disturbing trend for shareware developers.

    Techniques Sep 2001
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    Music Instruction On-line

    Want to learn an instrument or improve your playing skills? Forget instructional books, videos, even human contact. As Mark Wherry explains, you can get your music instruction on-line.

    Techniques Sep 2001
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    Building Your Own PC For Music


    It's tempting to save money by assembling your own PC, but unless you're an expert it can be a frustrating experience. Martin Walker shows you how to go about choosing components and putting them together.

    Techniques Sep 2001
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