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    How Powerful Is The G5?

    Apple Notes

    As more musicians and audio professionals begin to embrace G5 Power Macs, we take a look at quantifying just how much host-based DSP power you can expect. Plus, news of the 20-inch iMac and an explanation of 'Journaling'.

    Techniques Feb 2004
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    How Good Are Centrino Laptops For Music?

    The Mobile Musician

    With the promise of improved battery life and more compact designs with no compromise in performance, Intel's Centrino technology should be the answer to the mobile musician's prayers. But does the promise hold true when running the most demanding music and audio software?

    Techniques Feb 2004
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    Cutting Edge

    Software Protection

    The music world is going soft — but the economics of software production run up hard against the inadequacies of software protection. Cutting Edge speculates on a possible solution.

    Techniques Feb 2004
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    PC Musician Jargon Buster

    PC Musician

    If you are relatively new to PC music, it can seem like a maze of acronyms and mystifying computer-related terms — so here's a useful glossary to clear up any confusion.

    Techniques Feb 2004
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    Cubase SX Processor Choices

    PC Notes

    Steinberg have made available the results from a set of uniform Cubase SX tests that pitted different computers against each other — but what does it all mean for your choice of processor?

    Techniques Feb 2004
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