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    Apple GarageBand

    Apple Notes

    We take a look at the newest member of Apple's iLife suite and discover that youthful looks, adolescent attitude and long hair are not required to join this GarageBand.

    Techniques Apr 2004
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    Macs On The Move

    Using Apple Laptops For Music

    It's been possible to make music on Apple laptops for many years now, but creating a working mobile system is harder than it looks. Fortunately, one SOS contributor has years of experience to pass on...

    Techniques Apr 2004
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    Nu Systems Nu-Audio NB Pro

    Laptop Music PC

    Although Centrino laptops have advantages in terms of weight and battery life, standard Pentium 4 CPUs still offer the ultimate in performance, and Nu Systems's desktop replacement machine is a processing heavyweight.

    Reviews Apr 2004
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    USB Vs Firewire PC Drives

    PC Notes

    This month we not only compare the hard-drive speed performance of USB and Firewire, but also take a look at a MIDI latency-testing utility and see how a handful of MIDI interfaces measure up.

    Techniques Apr 2004
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    DSP-assisted Audio Effects & Latency

    PC Musician

    Extra DSP assistance to help your PC's processor cope with effects treatments used to be the province of the pro. Now there's a wide range of DSP-equipped cards to fit all budgets — but many people don't realise the latency issues that might be involved in using some of them.

    Techniques Apr 2004
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