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    Virtual Instrument

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    OS X Kernel Panics

    Apple Notes

    If you're suffering from kernel panics, if no one else can help, and if you can find a log file, maybe you should hire (well, read, at least) this month's Apple Notes...

    Techniques May 2004
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    Gmedia ImpOSCar

    Virtual Instrument Plug-in: Mac & PC

    Gmedia continue their quest to render the best of the world's keyboards in software form. But will it give OSCar fans a case of the grouches?

    Reviews May 2004
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    Super-quiet Power Supplies

    PC Notes

    We take a look at a new range of super-quiet power supplies, as well as explaining how to protect your data and settings in case of crashes.

    Techniques May 2004
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    PC Systems: What Do You Get For Your Money?

    PC Musician

    Just what can you expect in a PC system costing £600? Or over £1500? We round up the likely specs and the possible pitfalls.

    Techniques May 2004
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