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    Faster G5s • Wireless Music

    Apple Notes

    Apple finally announced faster Power Mac G5 models this month, along with a new wireless music technology for use with iTunes — plus the long-awaited opening of the iTunes Music Store in the UK.

    Techniques Aug 2004
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    Using Mac OS 10.3 For Music

    Panther OS X

    Mac OS 10.3 (Panther) has been with us a few months, and has been dissected and evaluated to destruction in the mainstream computer press — but just how useful are its new features for Mac-based musicians and engineers?

    Techniques Aug 2004
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    Clean Up Your Windows Registry

    PC Notes

    Even if you've cleaned out all references to old hardware from your Windows registry, it's a fair bet that it is not quite as spick and span as it could be. Housekeeping tasks and installations leave behind their own trail of junk, but fortunately it can be removed. Find out how...

    Techniques Aug 2004
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    Technical Support & How To Avoid It

    Diagnostic Guidelines For Self-starters

    Why does software always crash irrecoverably when you are at your busiest? And why are technical support lines unable to help you when you need them most? We offer some advice on how to avoid phoning them in the first place...

    Techniques Aug 2004
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    Backup Strategies For The PC Musician

    PC Musician

    It has almost certainly happened to you at some time — a crash or a damaged or deleted file that takes days of music with it. If you don't want it to happen again, read on...

    Techniques Aug 2004
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