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    PowerBook Power; New iMac; OS X Tips

    Apple Notes

    We discuss Apple's brand-new iMac, investigate how much power a musician can really expect from the latest Powerbooks, and explain how to save some hard disk space when installing Mac OS X.

    Techniques Nov 2004
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    Solving Computer Audio Problems

    Banish Them For Good

    Many of the unwanted hums, clicks, and whirrs that compromise the performance of your computer studio are nothing to do with software. We take a look at what causes them, and how to banish them for good!

    Techniques Nov 2004
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    Investigating Core Audio Performance Under Mac OS X

    The Ins & Outs Of X

    In recent months, SOS's online Mac Music forum has highlighted the difficulty with achieving the same number of channels of audio I/O under Mac OS X and Logic that were possible under OS 9. We investigate the problems and provide some solutions.

    Techniques Nov 2004
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    Should Musicians Install XP Service Pack 2?

    PC Notes

    The Windows XP Service Pack 2 is out, and it offers valuable bug fixes as well as enhanced Internet security measures. But as reports of a few audio-related problems surface, should musicians go ahead and install it?

    Techniques Nov 2004
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