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    Leopard: What Does It Offer Musicians?

    Apple Notes

    Leopard is finally with us — but while it promises improvements for general Mac users, will it offer anything to musicians and audio engineers other than incompatibility?

    Techniques Jan 2008
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    PC Notes

    More PC News, Tools & Guidance

    You might think you can hear that one sequencer sounds better than another, but are you fooling yourself? Your PC can help you find out. But first, if you're thinking of building a new computer, read on...

    Techniques Jan 2008
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    Multi-core Processors For Musicians

    PC Musician

    Some music applications will completely fail to take advantage of the multiple cores of a modern CPU — but which ones, and why? We find out, and advise on how you can make best use of however many cores your PC has.

    Sound Advice Jan 2008
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