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    iZotope RX 8

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    Final Cut Pro X

    Apple Notes

    Does Apple’s controversial product strategy for the new Final Cut Pro X give any hints as to their plans for the next major Logic version?

    Sound Advice Sep 2011
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    Q. What is Microsoft Sound Mapper?

    I use Sound Forge to record on to my laptop, and until very recently it's been working fine — until an...

    Sound Advice Jul 2007
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    Q. What's the best way to transfer software to my new PC?

    I have just ordered a new PC, which I am turning into a music-only machine, using software from my old workhorse computer....

    Sound Advice Jun 2007
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    Re-installing PC Music Software

    PC Notes

    If you ever have to re-install all your software after a PC upgrade, there are tricks that can save you a lot of time, and also help you to be more organised in the future. PC Notes rounds them up, as well as keeping you up to date on Vista compatibility for musicians.

    Sound Advice Apr 2007
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    Q. Will my PC run Garritan Personal Orchestra?

    I am very interested in purchasing Garritan Personal Orchestra as reviewed in the October 2004 edition of ...

    Sound Advice May 2005
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