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    Windows 8 For Musicians

    PC Notes

    A consumer preview version of Windows 8 has been released to mixed reviews — but what does the horizon look like for musicians?

    Sound Advice May 2012
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    PC Notes

    32-bit / 64-bit in Windows 7

    If youre upgrading to Windows 7, you might be considering buying a 64-bit version to access more RAM. But will you still be able to use all your 32-bit plug-ins?

    Sound Advice Jan 2010
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    Windows 7

    PC Notes

    To buy or not to buy? That's the question, as Windows 7 finally makes its debut.

    Sound Advice Dec 2009
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    Microsoft Songsmith, AMD Quad-core Processors, Defragmentation

    PC Notes

    Our monthly round-up of news and tips for PC musicians takes in faster AMD quad-core processors, assesses Microsofts innovative Songsmith program, and offers a guide to the mysteries of defragging.

    Sound Advice May 2009
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    Alter Vista

    Tweaking Windows Vista For Music

    If you've switched to Vista, or are about to take the plunge, check out our guide to the Vista audio tweaks that work — and those that don't.

    Sound Advice Nov 2008
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    The End Of Windows XP

    PC Notes

    The newly released Service Pack 3 will be the last one ever issued for Windows XP — and XP itself is due to go 'off the market' at the end of June. Are there any implications for the thousands of XP-using musicians out there?

    Sound Advice Jul 2008
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    Happy Birthday Vista: How Was It For You?

    PC Notes

    Vista's now a year old — but is it loved or loathed by musicians?

    Sound Advice Apr 2008
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    Multi-core Processing & Vista Performance

    PC Notes

    Will you notice a big improvement in software performance if you switch to a multi-core processor? And will performance suffer if you switch to Windows Vista? Find the answers to these and many other questions in this month's PC Notes...

    Sound Advice Sep 2007
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    Q. What disk utilities should I use with Windows XP?

    I've heard that with Windows XP, old versions of Norton Speed Disk do not work and that the latest version of Speed Disk included in Norton Utilities has a number of features removed and is no better, if not worse, than the defrag utility that Windows XP comes with...

    Sound Advice Sep 2003
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    Cutting Edge

    Microsoft Smart Display

    When you launch a new product, it's always best to have a clear message. You buy a dishwasher because you hate washing up, you buy a car because you can't walk 20 miles to work, or wait for the bus that comes once a week; and you buy a Microsoft Smart Display because, um...

    People Mar 2003
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