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    Krotos Concept 2

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    Should Musicians Move To A 64-bit OS?

    64-bit Computing

    In theory, 64-bit operating systems allow us to use as much RAM as our software demands. So should we all be using them?

    Techniques Nov 2010
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    Increasing Capacity

    PC Notes

    If your hard drives are overflowing, whats the best way to add extra capacity? PC Notes investigates...

    Techniques Nov 2010
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    Q. Can I use a Mac Mini for music?

    I always hear people saying that the Mac Pro is the Mac of choice for musicians but, as a hobbyist, I simply can't justify the...

    Sound Advice Nov 2010
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    Music Streaming

    Apple Notes

    Do recent updates to Apples musical armoury hint at a move toward the music-streaming subscription model?

    Techniques Nov 2010
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