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    BSP Cubase Keyboard

    QWERTY Keyboard

    We test another customised keyboard aimed at Cubase users.

    Reviews Aug 2005
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    Apple Mac Mini

    Desktop Computer

    Apple have long been criticised for charging a premium for their products, making the Mac platform a more costly choice than the alternatives. With the newly released Mac Mini, Apple hope to change this perception, but is there enough Mac in the Mac Mini to make it useful for musicians?

    Reviews May 2005
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    Q. Will my PC run Garritan Personal Orchestra?

    I am very interested in purchasing Garritan Personal Orchestra as reviewed in the October 2004 edition of ...

    Sound Advice May 2005
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    Dawsons Music Athlon 64 PC

    Music Production Computer

    The AMD Athlon 64-based music computers from UK retailer Dawsons Music offer performance comparable to the very fastest Pentium 4 CPUs, and are ready to take advantage of 64-bit music software once it becomes available.

    Reviews Mar 2005
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    Q. How can I stop audio dropouts when using my laptop live?

    I have a problem that I am tearing my hair out trying to fix. I have a 3.2GHz Pentium 4 laptop with 1GB of RAM, an 80GB...

    Sound Advice Jan 2005
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    Philip Rees Pentium 4 PC

    Music Production Computer

    Intel's Prescott Pentium 4 chips have proved too hot for many music PC builders to handle, but Philip Rees have used them to build machines that are both powerful and impressively quiet.

    Reviews Jan 2005
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