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    Incredibly, it's 10 years since we first reviewed NI's Maschine hybrid software/hardware production workstation. Above left is the original Maschine Mark 1, and on the right is the new bright-orange limited-edition Maschine NI have announced to celebrate.

    Native Instruments celebrate 10 years of Maschine

    Limited-run orange Maschine kicks off decennial celebration of NI's production workstation

    Native Instruments are celebrating 10 years since the launch of their hardware/software workstation with a limited-edition orange Maschine.

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    Ikuo Kakehashi with the ATV aFrame. Ikuo is son of the late founder of Roland and ATV, Ikutaro Kakehashi.

    ATV, Ace Tone and the aFrame at NAMM

    ATV Corporation continues to innovate with revived Ace Tone brand & aFrame updates

    ATV Corporation updates the aFrame percussion instrument, and revives the Ace Tone brand started by Mr Kakehashi in 1960.

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    Alesis Strike Pro Kit - NAMM 2019

    Alesis unveil a new flagship Strike Pro Kit, with huge numbers of sounds and versatile components, with...

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