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MIDI Controllers

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    M-Audio Hammer 88 Pro

    Controller Keyboard

    M‑Audio’s 88‑note controller significantly improves its bang‑per‑buck ratio.

    Reviews Jul 2021
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    M-Audio Oxygen Pro 49

    Controller Keyboard

    With plenty of performance features, DAW control and programmability, have M‑Audio found the winning formula in the MIDI controller‑keyboard game?

    Reviews . May 2021
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    M-Audio Oxygen 61 MkV

    M-Audio update Oxygen range

    Affordable USB MIDI controllers now available

    New MkV MIDI keyboards boast Smart Scale and Smart Chord features, plus arpeggiator, note repeat and more.

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    M-Audio Keystation 88 Mk3

    Controller Keyboard

    Can £175$229 really buy you a usable 88‑note controller keyboard?

    Reviews Feb 2021
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