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MIDI Controllers

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    Yamaha G50

    MIDI Guitar Interface

    The so-called guitarist's dream has failed to deliver on so many occasions that many guitar players now seem sceptical about the whole concept of MIDI guitars. Does the Yamaha G50 give us cause to rethink our prejudices, or does it simply reinforce them? Paul White finds out.

    Reviews Dec 1996
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    Emu Launch Pad

    MIDI Controller

    Emu's Launch Pad provides a hardware control surface for the Orbit sound module, but can also be used with other MIDI gear. Paul Nagle finds out whether it's destined to become a springboard for many a successful mission.

    Reviews Oct 1996
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    Fatar MP1

    MIDI Pedalboard

    Best known for their low-cost controller keyboards, Fatar have now released a new kind of controller — the MP1 MIDI pedalboard. Paul Ward brings his lower limbs into the sonic fray...

    Reviews Nov 1995
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    Kenton GS8

    MIDI Guitar Switcher

    David Mellor goes all gooey about Kenton's new MIDI guitar switcher, designed to put a stop to all the embarrassing onstage effects pedal swapping that goes on in the dark between numbers.

    Reviews Jul 1995
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    Roland GI-10

    Guitar MIDI Interface

    Paul White packs away the keyboard and plugs Roland's new guitar-MIDI interface into his sequencer.

    Reviews Jun 1995
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    Roland MCR8

    MIDI Multi-Controller

    Roland's new MCR8 hardware controller seeks to take the strain out of parameter access synth or software editing, by offering you real-time manipulation of any MIDI values from its front panel sliders and knobs. Paul Ward checks it out.

    Reviews Jan 1995
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    Charlie Lab Digitar

    Pocket MIDI Guitar

    How do you fancy a way of playing guitar patches, like a guitar, without the expense of a guitar synth system? Impossible? Derek Johnson finds out...

    Reviews Jan 1995
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    Hands On Starlite

    MIDI-to-light Controller

    Hands On Development came into the field of MIDI-controlled lighting very early, with their sophisticated Limetime controller. Now the Starlite offers even the most fiscally challenged the opportunity to add another dimension to a live performance. Martin Russ seeks enlightenment.

    Reviews Apr 1994
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    BCK Lite Show

    MIDI-to-light Controller

    This compact unit allows you to add MIDI-controlled lights to your performance for less than the cost of a modest sound module. Paul White checks it out.

    Reviews Mar 1994


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