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MIDI Controllers

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    Akai MPC Studio MkI

    Sampling Workstation

    Akai’s slimline follow-up to their Renaissance hybrid MPC aims to claim some territory from a certain competing machine...

    Reviews Jun 2013
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    Slate Digital Raven multi-touch controller.

    Slate Raven MTX

    Multi-touch DAW Controller

    Few product launches have attracted as much attention as Slate’s touchscreen controller. Is the Raven the future of DAW control — or an oversized iPad?

    Reviews May 2013
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    Korg MicroKey

    Portable USB Controller Keyboards

    Miniature controller keyboards can be incredibly useful for making music on location. The new Korg MicroKey family of velocity...

    Reviews Mar 2013
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    Ableton Live 9 & Push Controller.

    Ableton Live 9 & Push

    DAW Software & Hardware Controller

    Live 9 has been a long time coming, but, along with Ableton’s new Push controller, has the potential to revolutionise music-making.

    Reviews Mar 2013
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    Native Instruments Maschine MkII.

    Native Instruments Maschine MkII

    Groove Workstation

    Maschine’s MkII hardware gets a Technicolour make-over, while its software increments to v1.8...

    Reviews Jan 2013
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    Keith McMillen QuNeo

    USB MIDI Controller

    Keith McMillen’s idiosyncratic controllers go from strength to strength — and in this case do so with a spectacular blaze of colour...

    Reviews Dec 2012
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    Samson Graphite 49 keyboard.

    Samson Graphite 49

    USB Controller Keyboard

    The Graphite is Samson’s first foray into the world of keyboards — and it’s an impressive debut.

    Reviews Dec 2012
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    Nektar Technology Panorama P4

    Controller Keyboard For Reason

    Propellerhead’s Reason gets its first dedicated MIDI keyboard and control surface. What can it offer that your mouse can’t?

    Reviews Nov 2012
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    DAW Control Surfaces - Roundup


    Tired of navigating complex audio software with just a mouse and keyboard? Then a control surface might be just what you need. Here’s our selection of current models, with links to the SOS review where available.

    Reviews Nov 2012
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    Keith McMillen SoftStep

    Foot Controller

    Pedalboards and foot controllers are usually seen as the preserve of guitarists rather than of DJs and keyboardists — but if one man has his way, that might just be about to change...

    Reviews Sep 2012
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    Steinberg CMC Series

    USB Control Surfaces

    Steinberg’s new CMC Series gives you the building blocks for creating your own custom Cubase control surface.

    Reviews Jun 2012
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    CME Z-Key 61

    MIDI Controller Keyboard

    CME go minimal with their new controller range. But is less really more?

    Reviews May 2012
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    Novation Impulse 49

    Controller Keyboard

    The Impulse controllers are cost-effective, yet seem generously specified — so where’s the catch?

    Reviews Feb 2012
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    Alesis QX49

    Controller Keyboard

    It’s cheap, but is it cheerful? We examine the latest controller keyboard from Alesis.

    Reviews Dec 2011
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    NI Maschine Mikro

    Groove Workstation

    Mouse-free, wallet-friendly groove production is the order of the day as Native Instruments miniaturise their Maschine.

    Reviews Dec 2011
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    Sonuus G2M V2 & i2M Musicport

    Audio-to-MIDI Converters

    Sonuus’ nifty gadgets make real-time audio-to-MIDI conversion easy and affordable — as long as you only play one note at a time!

    Reviews Nov 2011
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    Arturia Spark

    Drum Machine

    French synth experts Arturia get their groove on with a hybrid software/hardware drum machine. Zut alors!

    Reviews Sep 2011
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    Inspired Instruments You Rock Guitar

    MIDI Control Instrument

    It looks like something that should be plugged into a games console, but Inspired Instruments’ You Rock Guitar just might be the MIDI guitar controller you’ve always wanted!

    Reviews Aug 2011
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    Kiwi Technics Patch Editor

    Hardware Synth Controller

    Some synths sound great, but lack hands‑on control. That’s where the Patch Editor comes in...

    Reviews Jul 2011
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    SSL Nucleus

    DAW Controller & Audio Interface

    As its name suggests, the Nucleus is designed to be the core of your studio. It’s ambitious, but if anyone can pull it off, SSL can...

    Reviews Jun 2011
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    Livid Instruments Code

    MIDI Control Surface

    Livid Instruments' new control surface boasts not only an unusual flexibility — courtesy of its custom editing software — but also some fine handmade wooden end-cheeks...

    Reviews Apr 2011


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