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    Digidesign Icon

    Hardware Control Surfaces For Pro Tools

    Digidesign's D-Command and D-Control represent perhaps the most ambitious attempt yet to integrate recording and mixing systems. Do these Icons symbolise the future of digital audio workstations, or are they merely expensive control surfaces for Pro Tools?

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    Digidesign Digi 003

    Control Surface & Audio/MIDI Interface [Mac/PC]

    Digidesign's LE range has received a comprehensive overhaul in the last year, and the new flagship 003 and 003 Rack incorporate many improvements over their predecessors.

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    Digidesign C24

    Control Surface For Pro Tools

    The Command 8 and Icon have revitalised the affordable and the professional ends of Digidesign's controller range. Now Digi have turned their attention to the middle of the market, with a replacement for their tried and tested Control 24.

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    Digidesign Command 8

    DAW Control Surface

    With fader controllers, you often have a choice of buying something dedicated to one software package, or selecting a generic unit that gives versatility at the cost of tight integration. Digidesign's Command 8 aims to offer the best of both worlds.

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    Digidesign Digi 002

    Digital Audio Workstation

    FireWire audio and MIDI interfaces are gaining in popularity, as are fader surfaces designed for hands-on control of computer recording packages. Now Digidesign have combined the two.

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