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    Akai MPK Mini MkIII

    Controller Keyboard

    The new MPK Mini portable controller punches well above its price tag.

    Reviews Nov 2020
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    Akai Force

    Music Workstation

    Akai Pro have distilled the best of their technologies into a stand-alone clip- and scene-based performance and production workstation.

    Reviews Jun 2019
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    Akai MPCX

    Music Production Centre

    Could the MPCX make you rethink your whole approach to studio and live music production?

    Reviews Sep 2017
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    Akai MIDIMix

    MIDI Controller

    Akai’s new controller keeps the design simple and the cost low.

    Reviews Feb 2016
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    Akai MPD226 & MPD232

    MIDI Controllers

    Can new pads and a step sequencer keep Akai’s MPD pad controllers top of the class?

    Reviews Dec 2015
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    Akai Advance 49

    Controller Keyboard

    Akai’s Advance 49 is a tightly integrated controller/software package designed to bridge the gap between musician and computer.

    Reviews Oct 2015
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    Akai APC40 MkII

    MIDI Controller For Ableton Live

    A reboot of the first dedicated Ableton Live controller brings with it many welcome improvements.

    Reviews Apr 2015
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    Akai Max 49 controller keyboard.

    Akai Max49

    USB Controller Keyboard

    At first glance, the Max49 seems much like other controller keyboards, but it’s got a surprise up its sleeve...

    Reviews Jul 2013
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    Akai MPC Studio

    Sampling Workstation

    Akai’s slimline follow-up to their Renaissance hybrid MPC aims to claim some territory from a certain competing machine...

    Reviews Jun 2013
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    Akai MPK Mini

    Controller Keyboard

    Looking for a compact controller keyboard costing not much more than a bag of chips? Look no further...

    Reviews Mar 2011
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    Akai APC20

    MIDI Controller For Ableton Live

    The Ableton controller race is hotting up — so how does the latest contender, the Akai APC20, compare to the competition?

    Reviews Aug 2010
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    Akai LPD8 & LPK25

    MIDI Controllers

    Are Akai's mini MIDI controllers the perfect partners for your laptop?

    Reviews Mar 2010
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    Akai MPK25

    MIDI Controller Keyboard

    The tiny MPK25 goes beyond knobs and buttons alone, offering MPC-style drum pads for added versatility.

    Reviews Oct 2009
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    Akai APC40

    MIDI Controller For Ableton Live

    Akai and Ableton have collaborated on the APC40, to bring tightly integrated, hands-on hardware control to Live.

    Reviews Sep 2009
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    Akai MPK49

    USB Keyboard Controller

    Akai will be best known to SOS readers for their samplers and ever-popular MPC range — so what can they bring to the controller keyboard party?

    Reviews Feb 2008
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    Akai MPD24

    Percussion Controller

    Akai combine MPC-style pads with more traditional sliders and rotary encoders in their cost-effective new desktop USB MIDI controller box. Is it destined to be a hit?

    Reviews Sep 2007
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    Akai MPC4000

    Sampling Workstation

    Akai's MPC sampling workstations have been a studio fixture for nearly 15 years, and the MPC4000 is the most powerful one yet. But the world of sampling has changed dramatically since the MPC2000XL was released. Can an MPC still cut it in the 21st century?

    Reviews Sep 2002
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