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    Roland TD-50X

    Electronic Drums/Pads

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    MIDI Controllers

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    Akai MPD226 & MPD232

    MIDI Controllers

    Can new pads and a step sequencer keep Akai’s MPD pad controllers top of the class?

    Reviews Dec 2015
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    Ableton Push 2

    Hardware Controller For Live

    Ableton have released major new versions of their two flagship products, Live and Push. Live 9.5 is free to owners of Live 9. Meanwhile, and more importantly, there is a new Push controller. 

    Reviews Dec 2015
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    Get 'A Smart Deal' from Native Instruments

    Save on three Komplete Kontrol smart keyboards

    Native Instruments have announced new sales special called 'A Smart Deal'. The offer provides a limited-time...

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    Novation Launchpad Pro

    Control Surface

    Novation’s popular Launchpad comes of age with the new Pro model.

    Reviews Nov 2015
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    Akai Advance 49

    Controller Keyboard

    Akai’s Advance 49 is a tightly integrated controller/software package designed to bridge the gap between musician and computer.

    Reviews Oct 2015
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    ROLI Seaboard Grand

    Keyboard Controller & Synthesizer

    With its familiar interface and enormous potential for expressive control, is the ROLI Seaboard the future of the keyboard?

    Reviews Sep 2015
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    CME Xkey37

    Compact Keyboard

    I tested CME’s first Xkey 25-note compact keyboard for our March 2014 issue. Now they've added an extra octave and released the Xkey37.

    Reviews Aug 2015
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    IK Multimedia iRig Pads

    MIDI Controller

    IK Multimedia’s iRig Pads brings portable control to your computer or iOS device.

    Reviews Jul 2015
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    Faderfox SC4

    MIDI Controller & Step Sequencer

    The Faderfox SC4 combines a capable MIDI controller with a step sequencer in one compact box.

    Reviews Jun 2015
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    Akai APC40 MkII

    MIDI Controller For Ableton Live

    A reboot of the first dedicated Ableton Live controller brings with it many welcome improvements.

    Reviews Apr 2015
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    Livid Instruments Guitar Wing

    Wireless MIDI Control Surface

    Livid Instruments’ Guitar Wing might not get your Telecaster airborne, but it could be its perfect MIDI controller partner.

    Reviews Apr 2015
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    NI Komplete Kontrol S49

    Controller Keyboard

    NI turn their hybrid expertise to keyboard design with an innovative controller for Komplete and Maschine.

    Reviews Jan 2015
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