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    Sylphyo wind controller becomes standalone instrument

    Innovative wind controller gets wireless, hardware sound engine 

    Innovative French musical instrument designers Aodyo have released a receiver box called Link which turns their Sylphyo electronic wind controller into a standalone instrument, meaning no more computers required for triggering of sounds.

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    Icon Pro Audio release cost-effective DAW controllers 

    Second generation QCon Pro G2 and QCon EX G2 released and shipping

    Icon Pro Audio have announced the release of their next generation USB-MIDI control surfaces: the Icon...

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    Novation launch flagship SL MkIII controllers

    Novation want you to control everything, including CV...

    Designed to be the control centre of your studio, regardless of whether you’re DAW‑based, controlling...

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    IK Multimedia iRig Stomp I/O

    USB Pedalboard Controller & Audio Interface

    IK’s iRig Stomp I/O bridges the gap between hardware and software, both on stage and in the studio.

    Reviews Oct 2018
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    Sensel Morph

    Control Surface

    If you like your control surfaces to be versatile as well as tactile, the Sensel Morph might be for you.

    Reviews Oct 2018
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    PreSonus FaderPort

    DAW Controller

    The updated FaderPort aims to give you comprehensive DAW control with a single fader.

    Reviews Oct 2018
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