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    SSL UC1

    Control Surfaces

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    Electronic Drums/Pads

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    MIDI Controllers

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    ROLI LUMI Keys Studio Edition

    ROLI LUMI Keys Studio Edition

    Keyboard Controller

    ROLI’s luminous keyboard offers MPE control and a very colourful way of working.

    Reviews Jul 2021
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    M-Audio Hammer 88 Pro

    Controller Keyboard

    M‑Audio’s 88‑note controller significantly improves its bang‑per‑buck ratio.

    Reviews Jul 2021
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    Roland Octapad SPD-20 Pro

    Percussion Pad

    Roland’s venerable SPD range just keeps getting better...

    Reviews . Jul 2021
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    The ABC Of MPE

    An Introduction To MIDI Polyphonic Expression

    You’ve probably heard of MPE, but what exactly is it and what can it do for you?

    Sound Advice Jun 2021
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    Yamaha DTX6

    Electronic Drum Kits

    Yamaha’s new DTX6 range is a force to be reckoned with.

    Reviews . Jun 2021
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    M-Audio Oxygen Pro 49

    Controller Keyboard

    With plenty of performance features, DAW control and programmability, have M‑Audio found the winning formula in the MIDI controller‑keyboard game?

    Reviews . May 2021
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    2Box Speedlight

    Electronic Drum Kit

    2Box’s Speedlight kit takes an unconventional but flexible approach to electronic percussion.

    Reviews . Apr 2021
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    SSL UF8

    Advanced DAW Controller

    In-depth Hands-on Test: SSL’s new control surface is very much the SSL of control surfaces — at an affordable price!

    Reviews Mar 2021
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    M-Audio Keystation 88 Mk3

    Controller Keyboard

    Can £175$229 really buy you a usable 88‑note controller keyboard?

    Reviews Feb 2021
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    Arturia KeyStep 37

    Controller Keyboard

    Arturia’s popular KeyStep controller goes up a gear.

    Reviews Jan 2021
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