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    Alesis strike it hot for NAMM

    Introducing the Strike Multipad electronic drum pad

    Introducing Strike Multipad: Alesis's new electronic drum and percussion pad. Now includes video from NAMM 2019!

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    The new Model:samples, from Elektron.

    Elektron's new model:samples... and Overbridge v2.0

    Compact six-track groovebox offers knob-heavy interface for real-time tweaking

    Elektron had a surprise product in store at NAMM. We enter the world of model:samples, a compact six-track sample-based groovebox.

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    Light my way — Akai's Force is an all-in-one production instrument

    Akai unveil Force at NAMM

    New all-in-one production device makes its debut

    Rumours of a new Akai all-in-one production device, capable of sequencing, sampling, synthesis and processing without the need for a computer, have been circling for a while — and now it's arrived!

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    Maschine Mk3 & Komplete Kontrol S Mk2s revealed

    NI update hardware lines adding user-requested features

    Native Instruments have today announced a major overhaul to both their Maschine and Komplete Kontrol S...

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