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    David Vorhaus of White Noise.

    David Vorhaus | Podcast

    That Fairlight Sound!

    David Vorhaus of White Noise chats with Rob Puricelli about his early involvement with the Fairlight CMI and his Kaleidophon ribbon controller and Maniac sequencer inventions.

    People Jun 2020
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    Alesis strike it hot for NAMM

    Introducing the Strike Multipad electronic drum pad

    Introducing Strike Multipad: Alesis's new electronic drum and percussion pad. Now includes video from NAMM 2019!

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    The new Model:samples, from Elektron.

    Elektron's new model:samples... and Overbridge v2.0

    Compact six-track groovebox offers knob-heavy interface for real-time tweaking

    Elektron had a surprise product in store at NAMM. We enter the world of model:samples, a compact six-track sample-based groovebox.

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    Light my way — Akai's Force is an all-in-one production instrument

    Akai unveil Force at NAMM

    New all-in-one production device makes its debut

    Rumours of a new Akai all-in-one production device, capable of sequencing, sampling, synthesis and processing without the need for a computer, have been circling for a while — and now it's arrived!

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