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    The innovative Aodyo Sylphyo wind controller is now more readily available in the UK and North America.

    Sylphyo: the expressive wind controller

    Aodyo wind controller now available more widely internationally

    French company Aodyo's wind controller is now available more widely in the UK and North America.

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    Expressive E's Osmose.

    Osmose — keyboard technology takes a giant leap forward

    Expressive E's new controller & synth offers unprecedented levels of control and expression

    Could this be the most expressive keyboard since the invention of the pianoforte?

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    AES NY 2019 — Introducing Softube Console 1 Fader

    The ideal complement to 2014's Console 1 debuts at AES New York

    Softube unveiled a fader-based mix controller to complement their existing Console 1 at AES — but it's not just a simple control surface...

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    Arturia's new affordable Microlab controller keyboard. It's shown here in orange, but versions with a light blue or black rubberised surround are also available.

    Arturia bring new 25-key micro controller

    Cost-effective bundle includes portable rugged keyboard, VIs and software to get you started

    The 25-note Microlab is Arturia's latest affordable keyboard controller, and it looks quite a bargain for composers on the move...

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    The third revision of Novation's compact LaunchKey Mini controller.

    Novation Launchkey Mini reaches MkIII

    Third-generation controller gains new features, an improved keyboard & added touchstrips

    Novation have issued a MkIII version of their compact controller keyboard, with extra hardware controls and plenty of new features.

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    Zivix's Jamstik Studio (above) and RND64's redesigned Jammy Guitar (below), roughly to scale.

    Jam today: new guitar controllers from Zivix & RND64

    Introducing Jamstik Studio & Jammy Guitar

    Details of two interesting (yet excitingly different) new MIDI guitar controllers arrives at the SOS office at almost exactly the same time!

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    Steinberg's Padshop Pro, free until September 30th with Nektar controllers.

    Get a free Steinberg synth with Nektar!

    Nektar controllers to come with free granular synthesis plug-in until September 30th

    From today until September 30th, newly bought Nektar keyboard and pedalboard controllers come with a free copy of Steinberg's granular synthesis plug-in Padshop Pro.

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    Buy any of these (and various other) Alesis controller keyboards... and get Avid software, including a special Alesis Edition of Pro Tools First, for free.

    Buy Alesis keys, get Pro Tools free

    Buyers of Alesis controller keyboards can now add Avid software bundles for nothing

    Buyers of Alesis controller keyboards can now add some Avid software for nothing, including an Alesis Edition of Pro Tools First.

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    LUMI, by ROLI.

    Light, fantastic: ROLI's colourful new controller

    24-key modular controller keyboard appeals to both keyboard beginners and pros

    ROLI's amazing new modular controller keyboard lets a little light into the monochrome world of your sharps and flats...

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    Neyrinck's V-Control Pro v2.3 adds Pro Control and Control 24 support, allowing both control surfaces to be used once again with Pro Tools — and also other DAWs with which neither was originally compatible.

    Neyrinck breathe new life into legacy control surfaces

    Digidesign Control 24 & ProControl reactivated for use with modern DAWs

    V-Control Pro v2.3 adds Pro Control and Control 24 support, allowing the control surfaces to be used once again with Pro Tools — and also other DAWs.

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    Akai's new MPK Road 88 controller keyboard, designed for on-stage use.

    Full-size hammer-action Akai controller hits the road

    Akai MPK Road 88 is designed for use with hardware and software instruments

    The Akai MPK Road 88 is designed for on-stage control of both hardware and software instruments.

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    Alesis strike it hot for NAMM

    Introducing the Strike Multipad electronic drum pad

    Introducing Strike Multipad: Alesis's new electronic drum and percussion pad. Now includes video from NAMM 2019!

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    The new Model:samples, from Elektron.

    Elektron's new model:samples... and Overbridge v2.0

    Compact six-track groovebox offers knob-heavy interface for real-time tweaking

    Elektron had a surprise product in store at NAMM. We enter the world of model:samples, a compact six-track sample-based groovebox.

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    Light my way — Akai's Force is an all-in-one production instrument

    Akai unveil Force at NAMM

    New all-in-one production device makes its debut

    Rumours of a new Akai all-in-one production device, capable of sequencing, sampling, synthesis and processing without the need for a computer, have been circling for a while — and now it's arrived!

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