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    Steinberg CMC Series

    USB Control Surfaces

    Steinberg’s new CMC Series gives you the building blocks for creating your own custom Cubase control surface.

    Reviews Jun 2012
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    CME Z-Key 61

    MIDI Controller Keyboard

    CME go minimal with their new controller range. But is less really more?

    Reviews May 2012
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    Novation Impulse 49

    Controller Keyboard

    The Impulse controllers are cost-effective, yet seem generously specified — so where’s the catch?

    Reviews Feb 2012
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    Alesis QX49

    Controller Keyboard

    It’s cheap, but is it cheerful? We examine the latest controller keyboard from Alesis.

    Reviews Dec 2011
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    NI Maschine Mikro

    Groove Workstation

    Mouse-free, wallet-friendly groove production is the order of the day as Native Instruments miniaturise their Maschine.

    Reviews Dec 2011
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    Sonuus G2M V2 & i2M Musicport

    Audio-to-MIDI Converters

    Sonuus’ nifty gadgets make real-time audio-to-MIDI conversion easy and affordable — as long as you only play one note at a time!

    Reviews Nov 2011
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    Arturia Spark

    Drum Machine

    French synth experts Arturia get their groove on with a hybrid software/hardware drum machine. Zut alors!

    Reviews Sep 2011
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    Inspired Instruments You Rock Guitar

    MIDI Control Instrument

    It looks like something that should be plugged into a games console, but Inspired Instruments’ You Rock Guitar just might be the MIDI guitar controller you’ve always wanted!

    Reviews Aug 2011
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    Kiwi Technics Patch Editor

    Hardware Synth Controller

    Some synths sound great, but lack hands‑on control. That’s where the Patch Editor comes in...

    Reviews Jul 2011
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    SSL Nucleus

    DAW Controller & Audio Interface

    As its name suggests, the Nucleus is designed to be the core of your studio. It’s ambitious, but if anyone can pull it off, SSL can...

    Reviews Jun 2011
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    Livid Instruments Code

    MIDI Control Surface

    Livid Instruments' new control surface boasts not only an unusual flexibility — courtesy of its custom editing software — but also some fine handmade wooden end-cheeks...

    Reviews Apr 2011
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    Akai MPK Mini

    Controller Keyboard

    Looking for a compact controller keyboard costing not much more than a bag of chips? Look no further...

    Reviews Mar 2011
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    Starr Labs Ztar Z7S

    MIDI Controller

    Fed up with the vagaries of pitch-to-MIDI guitar, but don't have time to learn to play a keyboard? The Ztar offers clean, keyboard-like MIDI from an instrument that guitar players can relate to instantly. It could be just what you need...

    Reviews Feb 2011
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    Focusrite Control 2802

    Analogue Console & DAW Controller

    Offering hands-on DAW control and a 32-input analogue console with bus compressor, Audient's latest mixer is very impressive indeed — and it's not as expensive as you might expect...

    Reviews Dec 2010
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    Black Lion AM/CHA1

    Dual-channel Equaliser

    Does a 'boutique' approach to building outboard have to mean inflated prices? Not according to this manufacturer...

    Reviews Dec 2010
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    Faderfox MIDI Controllers

    DJ3 DL3 DX3 FX3 FT3

    The Faderfox controllers are bijou and boutique, and theres five of them to choose from.

    Reviews Oct 2010
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    Akai APC20

    MIDI Controller For Ableton Live

    The Ableton controller race is hotting up — so how does the latest contender, the Akai APC20, compare to the competition?

    Reviews Aug 2010
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    Eigenlabs Eigenharp Pico

    Controller Instrument

    The follow-up to the revolutionary Eigenharp Alpha is designed to make the essence of the Eigenharp experience more accessible and affordable. How well does it succeed?

    Reviews May 2010
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    M-Audio Oxygen 49

    USB MIDI Controller Keyboard

    M-Audios Oxygen 49 offers competitively priced control over your DAW.

    Reviews May 2010
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    Livid Instruments Ohm64

    MIDI Control Surface

    The Ohm64 is the latest in a recent rash of grid-based control surfaces. Does it stand out from the crowd?

    Reviews Apr 2010
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    Akai LPD8 & LPK25

    MIDI Controllers

    Are Akai's mini MIDI controllers the perfect partners for your laptop?

    Reviews Mar 2010


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