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    Kenton Pro 2000

    MIDI-to-CV Converter

    Integrating old synths into a modern MIDI-based system can be a pain. Paul Ward finds out if Kenton's Pro 2000 interface can kiss it better...

    Reviews Jun 1997
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    Kenton Pro Solo

    MIDI-CV Converter

    Kenton Electronics' new one-channel MIDI-CV converter is slightly more expensive than others of its kind — but there's a reason! 

    Reviews Sep 1995
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    Kenton Electronics Pro 4

    Multi-channel MIDI-CV Interface

    To get the most out of your pre-MIDI synths, you need to bring them into the MIDI age. Kenton's long-awaited Pro 4 provides a host of interfacing possibilities and is capable of controlling up to an astounding 10 different devices simultaneously. Derek Johnson connects up.

    Reviews Sep 1994
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