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    Philip Rees Little 2M, 5M & 9M

    MIDI Mergers

    Paul White plugs and plays with the latest products from MIDI widgeteers Philip Rees, a range of non-nonsense MIDI mergers.

    Reviews Sep 1998
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    Apogee AD8000

    24-bit Digital Audio Converter

    The AD8000 is a high performance 8-channel, 24-bit A-D converter which can cope with an array of different digital audio formats, either in its basic form or with the addition of one of several optional cards.

    Reviews Aug 1998
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    Blue Chip Axon AX100

    MIDI Guitar Converter

    MIDI guitar has a long and chequered history, litered with great expectations and expensive failures. Dave Lockwood investigates the latest contender to see if it really is able to bring something genuinely new to the field.

    Reviews May 1998
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    Midiman Flying Cow

    D/A and A/D Converter

    Many musicians now have digital audio in their studios, so Midiman have decided to help them interface cleanly to the outside world, with the bizarrely named Flying Cow. Martin Walker thinks it cud be a winner...

    Reviews Mar 1998
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    Digidesign Universal Slave Driver


    Digital devices need synchronisation just as much as analogue ones, and this new offering from Digidesign aims to be a one-box solution for most audio and visual sync requirements. Mike Collins says it's about time...

    Reviews Jan 1998
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