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    Apogee PSX100 & Rosetta

    High-resolution Digital Converters

    Apogee have a long association with state-of-the-art digital converters. Hugh Robjohns investigates two of their latest 'affordable' models, the fully equipped PSX100 A-D and D-A converter and its simpler derivative, the Rosetta A-D.

    Reviews Nov 1999
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    RME ADI-1

    2-channel A-D/D-A Converter Box

    High-performance digital converters are becoming more affordable every day, and this new offering from RME certainly proves that good and cheap are not necessarily mutually exclusive. Hugh Robjohns undergoes complete conversion...

    Reviews Aug 1999
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    Opcode DATport

    USB Digital Interface

    Now that more computers are equipped with Universal Serial Buss connections, musicians have started to demand compatible peripherals. Martin Walker tries out one of the first to arrive, a simple interface dedicated to piping digital audio in and out of USB machines.

    Reviews Jul 1999
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    Kurzweil DMTi

    Digital Multitrack Interface

    Designed to interface the Kurzweil K2000/K2500 synths directly with digital recording equipment, the DMTi also has a role as a general-purpose digital format convertor. Hugh Robjohns checks it out.

    Reviews May 1999
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    Midiman SAM S/PDIF-ADAT

    Mixer & Format Convertor

    Midiman have a reputation for niche products at reasonable prices, and their latest, SAM, could do a number of useful jobs in the ADAT-based studio. Bob Dormon makes the connections.

    Reviews May 1999
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    MusicNet AD24 & DA24

    24-Bit 8-Channel Digital/Analogue Converters

    You've got a digital desk and a high-resolution computer workstation, but how do you input 24-bit source material? Hugh Robjohns checks out MusicNet's answer.

    Reviews Apr 1999
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