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    Mytek Brooklyn DAC+

    D-A Converter, Headphone Amp & Preamp

    This D-A converter boasts a range of useful features — as well as impressive performance.

    Reviews Dec 2018
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    Tascam ML-32D

    A-D/D-A Converter

    This device packs 32 channels of bidirectional analogue-to-Dante conversion in a 1U rackmounting box...

    Reviews Oct 2018
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    Mytek Liberty DAC

    D-A Converter & Headphone Amplifier

    Find out how Mytek’s latest reference-level converter stacks up against the competition.

    Reviews Aug 2018
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    Abstract Data Event Boss ADE-33

    Eurorack Module

    There aren’t many modules that will deliver endless rhythmic variations, randomised ambient pings and subtle timing shifts alongside more familiar roles such as clock division and logic. The Event Boss will...

    Reviews Jun 2018
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    D-A Converter

    Though aimed squarely at the serious hi-fi market, this class-leading converter has plenty to offer in the studio.

    Reviews Jun 2018
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    Dangerous Music Convert-8

    Multi-channel D-A converter

    With eight channels of mastering-grade D-A conversion, this device packs a big sound into a 1U box.

    Reviews May 2018
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    Dangerous Music Convert-AD+

    Stereo A-D Converter

    Fifteen years after releasing their first D-A converter, Dangerous have brought out their first A-D. Was it worth the wait?

    Reviews Mar 2018
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