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Converters / Clocks

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    Waves Y96K & Power Bundle

    DSP Card & Plug-in For Yamaha Mixers & Multitrackers

    Waves are tempting owners of Yamaha digital hardware with an updated DSP board and a new selection of additional plug-in processors.

    Reviews Jun 2006
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    Prism Sound ADA8XR

    Multi-channel A-D/D-A Converter

    Exceptional A-D and D-A conversion, digital audio interfacing in multiple formats, plus Firewire connectivity make this high-end workhorse something for any studio owner to aspire to.

    Reviews Apr 2006
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    Apogee Rosetta 200

    A-D/D-A Converter

    Apogee's new converter builds on the reputation of the original PSX100 and Rosetta units, upgrading the sonics and adding a pile of new facilities, including sophisticated jitter-reduction processing and sample-rate conversion.

    Reviews Mar 2006
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    Drawmer D-Clock

    Word-Clock Distribution Amplifier

    As we all acquire more and more digital audio equipment, clock distribution becomes more of a key issue. This new distribution amplifier not only delivers multiple word-clock outputs, but also offers real-time monitoring of the accuracy of the source clock signal.

    Reviews Sep 2005
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    Apogee Big Ben

    Master Digital Clock

    Apogee's new master clock includes their latest clock-regeneration technology, which can synchronise to even very poor-quality clock sources.

    Reviews Aug 2005
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    Benchmark DAC1

    Stereo Digital-to-Analogue Converter

    If you place importance on the spec of your recording system's analogue-to-digital converters, then you should not overlook the quality of your D-As either. We check out a surprisingly affordable high-quality example from the States...

    Reviews Jul 2005
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    RME ADI2 & ADI4 DD

    A-D/D-A Converter & Digital Format Converter

    Two new half-rack boxes offer considerable operational flexibility and pristine sound in both the analogue and digital domains.

    Reviews May 2005
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    RME Hammerfall DSP MADI & ADI 648

    MADI Soundcard & MADI-to-ADAT Converter [Mac/PC]

    Until now, MADI interfacing has been restricted to high-end digital desks, but RME's affordable hardware brings it to the project studio market. If you need a lot of inputs or outputs within an ASIO environment, their soundcard and 64-channel MADI-to-ADAT converter could be the perfect choice.

    Reviews Mar 2005
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    Mackie Onyx 800R

    Preamp & A-D Converter

    Mackie 'up the ante' once again by squeezing eight channels of their class-leading preamplification and A-D conversion into a 1U rack.

    Reviews Feb 2005
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    M-Audio Octane

    Mic Preamp & A-D Converter

    This stylish eight-channel preamp and converter offers front-panel instrument inputs and M&S stereo decoding.

    Reviews Sep 2004
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    PreSonus Digimax LT

    Mic Preamp & A-D Converter

    Combi jack/XLR connectors and ADAT connectivity help set this smart eight-channel preamp apart from the crowd.

    Reviews Aug 2004
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    ART Digital MPA

    Mic Preamp & A-D Converter

    This new dual preamp from ART combines imaginative valve circuitry with more digital output options than you can shake a stick at!

    Reviews Jul 2004
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    Behringer ADA8000

    8-channel Preamp & A-D/D-A Converter

    Eight channels of high-spec mic preamplification, A-D/D-A conversion, and ADAT lightpipe I/O, all at a remarkable price. Is it too good to be true?

    Reviews Jun 2004
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    Apogee Rosetta 800

    8-channel A-D/D-A Converter

    This top-flight digital converter not only provides eight channels of simultaneous A-D/D-A conversion, but also includes soft limiting, UV22HR dithering, and flexible routing functions.

    Reviews Mar 2004
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    Mutec Smart Clock & Smart Merge

    Digital Master Clock & Routing Matrix

    These two affordable problem-solvers facilitate digital interfacing and mixing in the home/project studio.

    Reviews Jan 2004
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    ST Audio DSP3000 M-Port

    PCI Audio Interface [PC/Mac]

    ST Audio's DSP3000 system offers an impressive feature set for its price, boasting eight-channel 24-bit/96kHz analogue I/O with mic preamps on every channel, plus digital I/O in S/PDIF and AES-EBU formats, MIDI I/O, and the ability to function as a stand-alone analogue/ADAT digital converter.

    Reviews Dec 2003
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    8-channel 24-bit/96kHz A-D/D-A Interface

    German manufacturer RME maintain their high reputation for quality A-D/D-A interfacing with this eight-channel device, which may be run at 24-bit, 96kHz operation if desired.

    Reviews Sep 2003
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    Apogee Mini-Me

    Two-channel Preamp & A-D Converter

    This compact unit from Apogee offers high-end preamplification and conversion, along with a clutch of useful processing, monitoring and output facilities.

    Reviews Jun 2003
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    Terratec Producer EWS Mic 2 & Mic 8

    Eight-channel Preamps & Audio Interfaces [PC]

    Terratec's new professional division are looking to make a splash with their rackmounting multi-channel A-D/D-A converters, which feature SPL-designed mic amps and close integration with their EWS 88MT soundcard.

    Reviews May 2003
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    Drawmer M-Clock

    Master Word-clock Generator & Sample Rate Converter

    Drawmer's affordable new combination of master clock and sample rate converters provides an ingenious solution for high-quality digital interfacing in the home studio.

    Reviews Mar 2003
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    Swissonic AD8

    Eight-channel Preamp & A-D Converter

    Swissonic's high-quality preamp and A-D converter caters for 24-bit/96kHz digital audio in AES-EBU and ADAT formats.

    Reviews Mar 2003


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