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Converters / Clocks

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    Benchmark ADC1

    Stereo A-D Converter

    Benchmark are set to further strengthen their excellent reputation with this eagerly anticipated new A-D converter.

    Reviews Jul 2006
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    Lynx Aurora 16 & AES16

    A-D/D-A Converter & Interface [Mac OS X/Windows]

    With even the cheapest soundcards now offering 24-bit, 192kHz recording, is it still worth investing in high-end converters? Lynx certainly think so...

    Reviews Jun 2006
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    Waves Y96K & Power Bundle

    DSP Card & Plug-in For Yamaha Mixers & Multitrackers

    Waves are tempting owners of Yamaha digital hardware with an updated DSP board and a new selection of additional plug-in processors.

    Reviews Jun 2006
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    Q. Is it best to synchronise all my digital gear using a word clock generator?

    Please could Hugh Robjohns write a comprehensive article explaining the operational advantages and disadvantages of using a...

    Sound Advice May 2006
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    Prism Sound ADA8XR

    Multi-channel A-D/D-A Converter

    Exceptional A-D and D-A conversion, digital audio interfacing in multiple formats, plus Firewire connectivity make this high-end workhorse something for any studio owner to aspire to.

    Reviews Apr 2006
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    Apogee Rosetta 200

    A-D/D-A Converter

    Apogee's new converter builds on the reputation of the original PSX100 and Rosetta units, upgrading the sonics and adding a pile of new facilities, including sophisticated jitter-reduction processing and sample-rate conversion.

    Reviews Mar 2006
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    Q. What is 'aliasing' and what causes it?

    With reference to A-D/D-A converters, what exactly is an 'alias'? How and when do they occur?

    Sound Advice Jan 2006
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