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We offer over 15,379 articles on our site, so we've curated those most relevant to you during the pandemic lockdown. Keep revisiting our Stay-at-home Deals news page.

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    How To Make Zoom Work For Music

    Recording Audio On Zoom: Set-up & Operation Tips

    With self-isolation likely to continue for some time, we talk you through using the world's leading conference‑call service for remote music performance.

    Techniques Jun 2020
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    How To Record Yourself And Make It Sound Good

    Self Service: Solo Tracking Sessions

    Sometimes, performers have to be their own engineers. Here's how to get better results from solo tracking sessions.

    Techniques May 2020
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    Remote Music Production

    Successful Recording Over The Internet

    Social distancing needn't mean the end of studio recording. We explain a simple, free setup for real-time online collaboration.

    Techniques May 2020
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    Studio SOS: Home Studio Upgrade

    Dennis J. Wilkins

    Follow one SOS reader on his quest to transform a box room into a studio worthy of the name!

    Techniques Apr 2019
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    MeLo-X: Mobile Music Making

    Video Feature

    How does a platinum-selling producer make music on a mobile device? We sit down with MeLo‑X, who found commercial success co-writing tracks on Beyoncé’s Lemonade, as he talks about the real-world advantages of making music on a phone or tablet.

    Techniques Apr 2018
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    Mastering For Streaming Services

    On Stream

    Streaming is now the most important way in which music is consumed. So how can you make sure your music sounds as good as possible?

    Techniques Jun 2017
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    Man vs Drum Machine

    How Does A Real Session Drummer Compare With Software Drums?

    Does today’s sample-based drum software mean we don’t need real drummers any more? We find out what a human session drummer offers that a virtual drummer can’t.

    Techniques Oct 2015
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    Session Notes: Tracking Lead Vocals

    Collaborative Vocal Production Using FaceTime

    Tracking lead vocals: We demonstrate why the element that demands most listeners’ attention also demands most of the producer’s...

    Techniques Dec 2014
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    Session Notes: Steven James Adams

    Living-room Recordings

    Steven James Adams: Our engineer shows that there’s nothing wrong with living-room recordings if you approach them in the right way.

    Techniques Nov 2014
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    Remote Collaboration

    Long‑distance Recording Projects

    Once an expensive and futuristic dream, the technology for Internet‑based collaboration is now available and affordable — and more practical than you might think.

    Techniques Mar 2014
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    Passing Chords: Part 1

    Spice Up Your Keyboard Chords

    Bored of the same old chord sequences? In this short series, we explore some simple ways to spice up your piano chords.

    Techniques Mar 2014
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    Remote Working

    On-line Session Services Compared

    If your music deserves the best musicians, the Internet provides the means to find them. We test the three leading on-line session services.

    Techniques Jul 2009
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    Studio Installation Workshop

    Basic Tools & Techniques

    Most SOS readers seem either to be setting up a studio or refining their existing setup, and could save money and hassle by doing much of the wiring and installation themselves. We explain how.

    Techniques Sep 2002
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