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    Cubase Preferences

    Cubase Tips & Techniques

    Preferences could be the key to more predictable behaviour and smoother operation — for Cubase, at least!

    Techniques Sep 2005
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    Using The Built-In EQ In Cubase SX/SL

    Cubase Tips & Techniques

    Although there are many third-party equaliser plug-ins available, the EQ built into Cubase SX and SL is both functional and convenient, and has the unique advantage of being closely integrated with the Mixer, Inspector and Channel Settings windows.

    Techniques Sep 2005
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    Q. How can I use side-chains in Steinberg Cubase SX?

    In Cubase SX, can signals be 'routed' to a compressor's side-chain to modulate another signal?

    Sound Advice Sep 2005

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