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    Customising Multi Instruments

    Logic Notes

    Paul White looks at how to customise Multi Instruments for a faster and more creative sequencing experience.

    Techniques Dec 2000
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    Arpeggiator Tips

    Logic Notes

    In the first of our new regular software columns based on the leading sequencer packages, Paul White gets Logic Notes off to a flying start with some invaluable hints and tips.

    Techniques Nov 2000
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    Using Key Commands In Emagic's Logic

    Tips & Tricks

    Computer-based MIDI + Audio sequencers have been popular for several years now, but some people have never been entirely happy using a digital rodent to control their main recording hardware. John Walden looks for ways out of the mouse trap by using key commands in Emagic's Logic.

    Techniques Jun 2000
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    Minimising MIDI & Audio Timing Problems In Computer Sequencers

    Tips & Tricks

    Although MIDI + Audio sequencing packages on both Mac and PC are becoming ever more powerful, 'the timing was tighter on my Atari' is still a common complaint. Paul White looks at ways of tightening it up, with additional PC information by Martin Walker.

    Techniques Mar 2000

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