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    Logic Pro: The Step Sequencer

    Apple Logic Pro X Tips & Techniques

    Finally, Logic Pro X catches up with, and in many ways improves upon, the step sequencers in other DAWs.

    Techniques Dec 2020
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    Logic Pro: Introducing Sampler

    Apple Logic Pro X Tips & Techniques

    With the introduction of Logic Pro X 10.5, EXS24 has been ‘replaced’ by a plug‑in instrument called Sampler.

    Techniques Nov 2020
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    Live Loops In Logic

    Apple Logic Pro X Tips & Techniques

    Get to grips with Logic 10.5's cells and Scenes.

    Techniques Oct 2020
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    Double-tracking In Logic Pro

    Apple Logic Pro X Tips & Techniques

    Here's how to create a convincing double-tracking effect in Logic Pro X.

    Techniques Jul 2020
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    Logic Pro X: Multi-output Instruments

    Apple Logic Pro X Tips & Techniques

    Multi-output instruments are a powerful weapon in your Logic arsenal. Here's how to use them...

    Techniques May 2020
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    Using Logic's Time & Pitch Machine

    Apple Logic Pro X Tips & Tricks

    Here's how to manipulate pitch and time in Logic Pro X.

    Techniques Mar 2020
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    Fast Ways To Use Logic Pro X

    Apple Logic Pro X Tips & Techniques

    Speed up your Logic Pro X workflow with these time-saving tips.

    Techniques Feb 2020

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