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    Gracious Saving

    Pro Tools Tips & Techniques

    You can back up a Pro Tools session like any other file, but will it still be readable in 10 years’ time? Here’s how to make sure.

    Techniques Dec 2012
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    Starting Points

    Pro Tools Tips & Techniques

    Pro Tools’ template system, and its undocumented Track Presets feature, can help your sessions get moving faster.

    Techniques Nov 2012
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    The Complete Works

    Pro Tools Tips & Techniques

    Avid’s Complete Production Toolkit effectively bridges the gap between HDX and native Pro Tools systems. We look at what you get for your money.

    Techniques Oct 2012
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    Base Power

    Pro Tools Tips & Technique

    Learn how to use Pro Tools’ Digibase Browsers and all your audio files will be at your fingertips.

    Techniques Sep 2012
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    Artist Action

    Pro Tools Tips & Techniques

    Pro Tools 10 unlocks the vast potential of Avid’s Artist Series controllers. Here’s how to tap into those new possibilities...

    Techniques Aug 2012
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    Pro Tools 10 New Features

    Pro Tools Tips & Techniques

    Some of the new features in Pro Tools 10 aren’t immediately obvious — but they can be invaluable once you know how to use them.

    Techniques Jul 2012
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    AAX Action

    Pro Tools Tips & Techniques

    If you’re not careful, you could find that your Pro Tools HDX upgrade leaves you without your favourite plug-ins...

    Techniques Jun 2012
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    Pro Tools Tips & Techniques

    Should you upgrade your Pro Tools rig to HDX? And if you do, what pitfalls await?

    Techniques May 2012
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    Avid Pro Tools 10

    Digital Audio Workstation Software

    With Pro Tools now catering for such a wide range of users, can the latest version provide both value and satisfaction for everyone?

    Reviews Mar 2012
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    Keyboard Editing Shortcuts

    Pro Tools Tips & Techniques

    Pro Tools lets you edit audio from the keyboard, without even touching the mouse. Here’s how.

    Techniques Feb 2012
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    Editing Using The Keyboard

    Pro Tools Tips & Techniques

    Save time and protect yourself from RSI by learning to edit audio in Pro Tools from the QWERTY keyboard.

    Techniques Jan 2012

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