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    Getting The Most From Your Pro Tools System

    Avid Pro Tools Tips & Techniques

    We've all been in that situation — desperate to add one more plug-in, but with a computer on the verge of collapse. We explain how to wring that last ounce of power from your Pro Tools rig.

    Techniques Dec 2007
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    Affordable Synchronisation For Multiple DAWs

    Digidesign (Avid) Pro Tools Tips & Techniques

    In sound for picture, there's often a need to lock multiple Pro Tools rigs together. We uncover a neat way to obtain professional sync facilities for a fraction of the price of conventional systems.

    Techniques Oct 2007
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    Ignition Pack 2

    Digidesign (Avid) Pro Tools Tips & Techniques

    If you've time enough to install it all, the extra software bundled with new Pro Tools systems has a lot to offer — particularly if you have the Pro version of Digidesign's Ignition Pack 2.

    Techniques Sep 2007
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    Managing Inputs & Outputs

    Digidesign (Avid) Pro Tools Tips & Techniques

    Ever found yourself struggling to remember what you have connected to Input 7, or which effect is on Bus 3-4? Five minutes' work in the I/O Setup window will end your confusion forever...

    Techniques Aug 2007
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    Pro Tools: Surround Sound Encoding Plug-ins

    Which Software To Use?

    If you want other people to hear your surround mixes, you'll need to encode them into a consumer format. Pro Tools users have a choice of software for this purpose. Which should you choose?

    Reviews Jun 2007
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    Multiple Disk Drives

    Digidesign (Avid) Pro Tools Tips & Techniques

    Pro Tools doesn't support RAID arrays, but does have its own disk management features that allow you to 'stripe' audio files across multiple disks, or record additional safety copies of everything.

    Techniques Jun 2007
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    What's New In Pro Tools 7.3 - Part 2

    Pro Tools Tips & Techniques

    In last month's overview of the new features in Pro Tools 7.3, we saw that some of them deserve a more in-depth look. Here's what you can do with Key Signatures, the new Dynamic Transport Mode, and enhanced editing and video functions.

    Techniques May 2007
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    Pro Tools: What's New In 7.3

    Pro Tools Tips & Techniques

    In this month's column, we give you the low-down on the wealth of new features coming your way in the version 7.3 updates to Pro Tools TDM and LE.

    Techniques Apr 2007
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    Setting Up PT Preferences

    Pro Tools Tips & Techniques

    It takes five minutes to set up your Pro Tools Preferences, but getting them right can smooth your workflow and even allow you to run more tracks from your hard drive.

    Techniques Mar 2007
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    Using Fades & Crossfades

    Pro Tools Tips & Techniques

    If you edit audio in Pro Tools, you need to know about fades and crossfades. As well as being vital editing tools, they can also be used in surprisingly creative ways...

    Techniques Feb 2007
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    Choosing Channel Strip Plug-ins

    Pro Tools Tips & Techniques

    The trend among plug-in designers is to integrate commonly used processes such as EQ and compression into a single plug-in. It saves on insert slots, but do channel strips offer any other benefits, and which ones stand out from the crowd?

    Techniques Jan 2007

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