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    Spectral Editing In Reaper

    Cockos Reaper Tips & Techniques

    We help you get to grips with Reaper’s new spectral-editing functions.

    Techniques Dec 2017
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    Power Arranging In Reaper

    Cockos Reaper Tips & Techniques

    Reaper’s Region Playlists make it easy to sketch out new song structures or rework existing tracks.

    Techniques Oct 2017
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    Reaper: Creating A Custom Channel Strip

    Cockos Reaper Tips & Techniques

    Create a custom channel strip, complete with controls, in Reaper’s Mixer.

    Techniques Sep 2017
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    Reaper Keeper

    Cockos Reaper Tips & Techniques

    Here’s how to ensure your Reaper projects will still be accessible a year from now — or even a decade.

    Techniques May 2017
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    Vocal Alignment In Reaper

    Cockos Reaper Tips & Techniques

    Reaper’s Stretch Markers feature intelligent linking, which can ease the burden of manual vocal alignment.

    Techniques Apr 2017
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    Reaper: VCAs, Grouping and Linking

    Reaper Tips & Techniques

    How do Reaper 5’s new VCA Faders complement the existing group and linking facilities?

    Techniques Jan 2017

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