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    Cockos Reaper 4

    Digital Audio Workstation Software

    Cockos’ affordable DAW is now more customisable than ever, and there are valuable new features for media management, MIDI editing and surround mixing too.

    Reviews Oct 2011
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    Cockos Reaper 3

    Digital Audio Workstation Software [Mac/PC]

    The latest major update to Reaper brings with it a complete overhaul of MIDI functionality, improved automation, and much, much more.

    Reviews Aug 2009
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    Cockos Reaper 2.4

    MIDI Audio Sequencer For Windows

    Since we first reviewed Cockos' shareware Reaper multitrack recording package, it has undergone hundreds of improvements — but the bargain asking price has barely changed.

    Reviews Jan 2009
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    Cockos Reaper DAW

    Multitrack Audio Recording & Editing Software For PC

    Can a $40 dollar shareware application take on the giants of the music software world and win? With its remarkable flexibility, advanced feature set and responsive development team, Cockos's Reaper has the potential to do just that. Check it out...

    Reviews Jun 2007

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