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    Using Reason Live: Part 2

    Live Electronic Performance

    In the second part in our series, we're exploring ways to use Reason in a live electronica performance, laptop DJ set or jam session.

    Techniques Dec 2006
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    Using Reason Live: Part 1

    Replacing A Live Keyboard Rig

    In the first part of a mini-series on using Reason live, we look at how the Combinator and MIDI remote control can replace a live keyboard rig.

    Techniques Nov 2006
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    Using Mixer Automation In Reason

    Reason Tips & Techniques

    Mixer automation lets you create more dynamic mixes, but also provides a fast alternative to arranging all your tracks in the sequencer. We offer a simple guide to making the most of it.

    Techniques Sep 2006
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    Using Reason's Spider Audio & CV Devices

    Reason Tips & Techniques

    The grey Spider devices look mild-mannered and unassuming — but they have super-powers that can unlock the hidden reserves of Reason's sound-making devices, as well as solving a host of more mundane problems.

    Techniques Aug 2006
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    Refining Rhythm In Reason

    Reason Tips & Technique

    Last month we looked at some basic applications of the Redrum module in Reason drum programming. Now it's time to move on to more sophisticated techniques for your rhythm parts.

    Techniques Jul 2006
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    Programming Drums in Reason

    Reason Tips & Techniques

    Whether you need electronic beats or realistic acoustic drums, Reason is one of the quickest and easiest tools around for creating varied drum tracks.

    Techniques Jun 2006
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    Loop-based Composition In Reason

    Reason Tips & Techniques

    Reason is more than just a MIDI sequencing environment; it can also be used for creating new pieces spontaneously from sample loops. We show you how...

    Techniques May 2006
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    Using Hardware Controllers with Reason 3

    Reason Tips & Techniques

    In all the excitement about Reason 3's Combinator device, the powerful new Remote hardware control functionality has been sadly overlooked — so let's remedy that situation with this article...

    Techniques Apr 2006
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    Using Reason With 8 Major Audio Host Applications

    Reason Tips & Techniques

    Reason makes an ideal 'synth rack' for use with a variety of host software. We take you through the steps needed to Rewire it to eight popular programs.

    Techniques Mar 2006
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    Mastering External Audio In Reason 3

    Reason Tips & Techniques

    Reason can be a simple yet surprisingly sophisticated mastering suite — and not just for audio generated in the Reason environment.

    Techniques Feb 2006

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