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    Reason ReGroove: Getting Your Groove On

    Reason Notes & Techniques

    Think computer music's got no soul? Think again! Join us as we explore Reason's ReGroove mixer...

    Techniques Dec 2008
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    Side-chain Compression In Reason

    Reason Notes & Techniques

    Side-chain compression can be the difference between a flat, lifeless mix and an adrenalised floor-filler. Learn how to capture the French house sound, and add an extra little twist.

    Techniques Sep 2008
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    Reason 4's New Sequencer

    Reason Notes & Techniques

    Reason 4's overhauled sequencer is now more powerful but has caused head-scratching amongst users. If you're one of the confused, read on...

    Techniques Jul 2008
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    Reason 4: Advanced Arpeggiation

    Reason Notes & Techniques

    Delving beneath the surface of Reason 4's new RPG8 arpeggiator reveals a treasure trove of rhythmic modulations and variations.

    Techniques Apr 2008
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    More Thor In Reason 4

    Reason Notes & Techniques

    Following last month's introduction to the Thor synthesizer, we embark on a patch-building project and explore several of the key features of Reason 4's new synth...

    Techniques Jan 2008

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