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    Reason To Record

    Reason Notes & Techniques

    We help you to bring your old Reason songs into the Record era.

    Techniques Nov 2009
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    Running Reason And Ableton Live Together

    Reason Notes / Ableton Live Notes

    Reason and Ableton Live work well together — we offer some tips on running the two programs in parallel.

    Techniques Sep 2009
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    Make A Modular Synth In Reason

    Reason Notes & Techniques

    Not only can Reasons Thor synth be used as an effects unit for other signals, it can also act as a hub for combining instruments and devices into true modular synth structures.

    Techniques May 2009
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    Reason: Parallel Compression

    Reason Notes & Techniques

    If you want the impact of heavily compressed drums but dont want to sacrifice your dynamics, parallel compression is the way to go. This month we explore the best ways to achieve this effect in Reason.

    Techniques Mar 2009

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